Innovate. Nurture. Exceed.
Web. Mobile. Apps. Software. Automation. Connection.

What do we do?

We build innovative web and mobile apps.

We INNOVATE useful software.
We NURTURE your needs.
We EXCEED standards.

Who are we?

Chad Cardiff


Chad is a farm boy at heart with a passion for technology. He started his first tech company at age 12. Chad has been gifted with the ability to find ways to use technology to solve problems people face everyday. He takes pride in creating solutions that work. Chad has been writing code for over 10 years and is passionate about every line of code he writes.
Steve Hawes


Steve has over ten years experience in Sales and Sales Management. Steve is passionate about people and business. He loves to hear stories, and help people & businesses solve problems and grow. He is a creative that is passionate about music and really enjoys playing his bass guitar.
Mark Hawes


Mark is a salesman at heart, at the age of 8 he used to dress up in a suit and tie and travel to trade shows with his father to try and out sell him. That being said he hates "salesman" stereotypes, he prides himself on being up front, honest and integrity based. Small town roots with great work ethic combined with a diversified sales resume from automobiles, electronics and even car wash materials sales is his trade. He loves a good conversation and finding out what makes people tick and playing competitive paintball.
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